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Edwina Hart MBE CStJ AM

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Strong, innovative and competitive businesses are essential for the economy of Wales.
Tourism is a hugely competitive, dynamic and constantly-changing industry.
Transport is an enabler for many aspects of the Welsh economy and aims to support a modern society featuring high levels of mobility.
Edwina Hart MBE OStJ AM
Biographical details and Ministerial responsibilities of the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport.

Edwina Hart has been the Gower's AM since the first Assembly election in 1999.

Having served as Minister for Finance and Local Government (2000-2003) and Minister for Social Justice and Regeneration (2003-2007), Edwina was appointed to the Health and Social Services portfolio in May 2007.  Following re-election to the National Assembly for Wales in May 2011, Edwina Hart was appointed Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology and Science and in March 2013 was appointed the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport.

The Minister for Economy, Science and Transport is responsible for:

  • The provision of support and advice to assist the establishment, growth, modernisation or development of business in Wales;
  • Finance Wales;
  • The promotion of Wales as a location for business and investment;  
  • The promotion of Welsh exports;  
  • Property issues: provision of sites, premises, services and facilities for business;  
  • Bringing derelict land in Wales into use or improving its appearance;  
  • Environmental improvements in relation to industrial and commercial developments;  
  • Entrepreneurship, enterprise and business information;
  • Economic sector panels;
  • Social enterprise and the social economy;
  • Tourism in and to Wales, including the marketing and promotion of Wales as a tourist destination and regulation of the tourism industry;
  • Business rates policy;
  • The work of the Economic Research Advisory Panel;
  • Transport policy, including the development of an integrated transport system in Wales;
  • Road Safety including provision of safer routes to Schools and transport for children and young people;
  • Regulation of pedestrian crossings in Wales;
  • Regulation of on-street parking in Wales;
  • Road transport, including construction, improvement and maintenance of trunk roads in Wales, except those parts of the Second Severn Crossing and the approaches thereto which are situated in Wales (not devolved) (NB roads other than trunk roads are the responsibility of local authorities);  
  • Delivery of passenger rail services through the Wales and Borders franchise;  
  • Funding and administration of programmes to local authorities and other bodies designed to deliver a range of transport schemes and services;
  • Science: development of science policy, including day to day liaison with the Chief Scientific Adviser;
  • National Science Academy;
  • Innovation: research & development, knowledge transfer and commercialisation;
  • Maximising UK and European research and innovation income;
  • Research Centres of Excellence;
  • Technium network;
  • Developing agri-food sector, associated supply chains and promotion of food from Wales.

The Minister for Economy, Science and Transport also has overall responsibility for those areas listed under the responsibilities of the Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries and those areas relating to technology listed under the responsibilities allocated to the Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology.  However, the Deputy Minister has for all practical purposes, day-to-day responsibility for these functions.  

In some cases Deputy Ministers will also have a relationship with other Ministers in respect of cross cutting issues.  

Writing to Ministers

Contact Edwina Hart by email at:

We aim to provide a response to correspondence to Ministers, including electronic mail within 17 working days.  Ministers will respond to matters that fall within their portfolio. Please follow the link ‘Writing to Ministers’ on the left hand side to direct your correspondence to the right Minister.