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Lesley Griffiths AM

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Local authorities are responsible for delivering a very wide range of services to the communities they serve.
Lesley Griffiths AM
Biographical details and Ministerial responsibilities of the Minister for Local Government and Government Business.

Lesley Griffiths was brought up in North East Wales and has lived and worked in Wrexham all her adult life.  She has two daughters and has served as a school governor and community councillor.  She worked at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital for twenty years. Prior to her election she worked as constituency assistant to Ian Lucas, MP. As a strong supporter of devolution for Wales, she played an active role in the 1997 'Yes for Wales' campaign.  She is a member of Unison.

She was elected to the National Assembly for Wales in May 2007 and served on several Assembly Committees.  She set up and chaired the Cross Party Hospice Group.  In December 2009, she was appointed Deputy Minister for Science, Innovation and Skills.  Following re-election to the National Assembly for Wales in May 2011, Lesley Griffiths was appointed Minister for Health and Social Services and in March 2013 was appointed Minister for Local Government and Government Business.

Outside of politics, her main hobbies are music, walking and watching Wrexham Football Club.  Lesley is formerly an elected director of the Wrexham Supporters Trust.

The Minister for Local Government and Government Business is responsible for:

  • The council tax rating system in Wales;  
  • Council Tax “capping” policy for local and police authorities;
  • The unhypothecated funding of local authorities and police authorities in Wales through the local government revenue and capital settlements (although capital funding of police is a Home Office matter);
  • Capital financing and accounting issues relating to local authorities including residual Private Finance Initiative approvals (responsibility for a police authority rests with the Home Office);
  • Sponsorship of the Valuation Office Agency and the Valuation Tribunal Service;  
  • Local Government equal pay and Single Status Pay issues;  
  • Emergency financial assistance (formerly the “Bellwin” Scheme) to local authorities;  
  • The Local Government Partnership Council and relations between the Welsh Government and local government generally;  
  • The implementation of Wales Programme for Improvement (best value) by local authorities in Wales;  
  • Local authority performance and their accountability for it;
  • Local strategic planning by local authorities and their local partners (NB not land use planning);  
  • Charging for, and trading in, non-statutory services by local government;  
  • The oversight and direction of local authorities in Wales and liaison with police authorities;  
  • The implementation of best value by local authorities in Wales;  
  • Councillors’ allowances and standards of conduct;  
  • Public admission to local authority meetings;  
  • The regulation of burial grounds and crematoria by local authorities in Wales;  
  • Confirmation of byelaws made by local authorities in Wales;  
  • Timing of local elections;
  • NB for the purposes of the Minister’s responsibilities above, the following are “local authorities”: County councils and county borough councils; Fire and rescue authorities Community or town councils;
  • Overall co-ordination of programmes of measures to improve the performance of public services;
  • Public Sector Reform;
  • Cross cutting responsibility for the strategic approach to the delivery of public services including performance, collaboration and citizen focus;
  • Oversight of regulation, audit and inspection as they relate to public service improvement;
  • Taking forward the action to improve local service delivery;
  • Justice policy;
  • Community Safety, relations with the Police and other Criminal Justice Agencies, including counter-terrorism issues;  
  • Youth Justice;
  • Domestic violence;  
  • The Fire and Rescue Services including community fire safety;  
  • Liaison point for the Armed Forces in Wales and Veterans (responsibility for the provision of services such as health and education etc rest with the relevant portfolio Minister); and
  • Responsibility for managing Welsh Government business in the Assembly in line with standing orders.

Writing to Ministers

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