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Minutes and Papers

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Minutes and papers of a meeting of the Cabinet held on 12 May 2008.



  • Rt. Hon Rhodri Morgan AM, First Minister (Chair)
  • Ieuan Wyn Jones AM, Deputy First Minister
  • Jane Davidson AM
  • Andrew Davies AM
  • Jocelyn Davies AM
  • Edwina Hart MBE AM
  • Jane Hutt AM
  • Dr Brian Gibbons AM
  • Carwyn Jones AM
  • Elin Jones AM
  • Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM
  • Carl Sargeant AM  


  • Dame Gillian Morgan, Permanent Secretary
  • Lawrence Conway, Director Department of the First Minister
  • Marion Stapleton, Head of the Office of the Business Minister and Chief Whip (items 1–3)
  • Jeff Andrews, Special Adviser
  • Ceri Williams, Special Adviser
  • Rhuanedd Richards, Special Adviser
  • Mark Drakeford, Special Adviser
  • Simon Thomas, Special Adviser  
  • Peter Greening, Head of Cabinet Secretariat
  • Christopher W Morgan, Cabinet Secretariat (minutes)
  • Simon Shouler, Director Transport Planning and Administration (item 4)
  • Jason Thomas, Regional Transport Planner (item 4)
  • Gareth Hall, Director Economy and Transport (item 5)
  • Janine Boyer-Day, Special Projects Manager, Department of Economy and Transport (item 5)


Item 1: Minutes of the previous meeting

1.1 Cabinet approved the minutes of the previous meeting.

Item 2: First Minister’s Items

Permanent Secretary

2.1 The First Minister and his Cabinet welcomed Gill Morgan to her first meeting of the Assembly Government’s Cabinet.

General Dynamics

2.2 The First Minister advised Cabinet that General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited had recently signed a contract to supply a tactical communications and data system, as part of the United Kingdom’s initiatives to improve economic, educational and defence links, with Libya.  It was noted that General Dynamics had also been selected by the Ministry of Defence as the provisionally preferred bidder for the Utility Vehicle Design for the Future Rapid Effect System.


2.3 The First Minister noted the comments made by Wendy Alexander in which she had challenged the Scottish First Minister to set up an early Yes/No referendum on independence in Scotland.  Notwithstanding the fallout from this argument and its impact on the Calman Commission on devolution in Scotland, the immediate constitutional issues in Wales were the establishment of the All Wales Convention, to prepare the way for a referendum on full law-making powers, and to establish an independent commission to review Assembly Government funding and finance, including tax-varying powers.

Item 3: Leader of the House’s Items

3.1 Cabinet considered the Plenary forward grid and noted that the Minister for Health and Social Services intention to make a statement on the review of Health Commission Wales in the slot allocated on 3rd June.

Item 4: Wales Freight Strategy

4.1 The Deputy First Minister introduced the paper which sought Cabinet’s approval of the proposed Freight Strategy.  The strategy had been updated, following the initial consultation, to reflect the One Wales commitments to move freight from road to rail, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector. The proposed Strategy would provide the framework that would guide the development of freight components of the Regional Transport Plans and would also guide the development of the National Transport Plan.

4.2 Cabinet were supportive of the policy intent to move more freight from road to rail and sought more information on the reaction of the road haulage industry and the ability of the rail infrastructure to cope with any significant increase in traffic.

Item 5: Major Events

5.1 The Deputy First Minister introduced the paper which had been jointly produced with the Minister of Heritage and advised Cabinet of proposals for cross departmental working in the development of a Major Events programme to meet the One Wales priorities.  The proposed programme would maximise opportunities for raising awareness and the understanding of the Assembly Government’s role and activities.

Item 6: Oral Items

6.1 It was noted that the First Minister and the Health and Social Services Minister would be jointly launching the Tell a Loved One Campaign on organ donation the following day.

Cabinet Secretariat
May 2008