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Avian Influenza

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Carwyn Jones, Minister for Environment, Planning and Countryside

The Qualitative Risk Assessment for the UK is under constant review in light of the confirmed outbreaks across Europe, particularly in the turkeys in France. This may result in tighter controls, if the level of risk increases significantly. Enhanced monitoring of birds migrating into or through the UK is being carried out by migration experts. Avian Influenza is considered to be controllable if:

• quickly identified

• movements on and off susceptible premises are restricted and controlled areas established, and,

• the disease is eliminated at source with enhanced biosecurity imposed within the Infected Area.

These measures are being applied in France and should prevent further spread of the disease. The UK will require birds to be brought indoors, wherever practicable, if H5N1 is confirmed in the UK.

Welsh Assembly Government officials are working in close co-operation with DEFRA,  other administrations and stakeholders in the development of disease control policies and strategies.