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The merger of the Welsh Language Board with the Welsh Assembly Government

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Alun Pugh, Minister for Culture, Welsh Language and Sport
The Welsh Assembly Government recently consulted publicly on the detail of the merger of the Welsh Language Board with the Assembly Government. The details were discussed at five public meetings and we received more than 200 written responses. We have listened to the comments people made and carefully considered the written responses. As a result we have decided to merge the Board with the Welsh Assembly Government and establish the statutory office of Dyfarnydd through a single set of legislative changes rather than two. We intend to use the provisions of the Government of Wales Bill to bring this about.

Our guiding principle with regard to the transfer of functions of the Welsh Language Board is to ensure that the services delivered to the citizens of Wales in Welsh are maintained and enhanced. It is important that the public should find the arrangements relating to Welsh language schemes clear and simple to understand and access. We believe that today’s decision does just that.

The Assembly Government’s motion on Iaith Pawb and Welsh Language Scheme Annual Report 2005-06 reaffirms our commitment as a Government to helping to create a bilingual Wales.