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Written - Coastal Tourism Strategy

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Tourism is a hugely competitive, dynamic and constantly-changing industry.
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Alun Ffred Jones, Minister for Heritage

I am delighted to announce that the Coastal Tourism Strategy will be published on 15 December.  The document can be found on the Assembly Government website.

The document sets out a common strategy for developing the tourism potential of the coastline in a sustainable way whilst responding to the needs of growing markets.

The Coastal Tourism Strategy was one of the national actions contained in the Wales Spatial Plan and is being published following a public consultation exercise which ended on 2 April 2007.
The strategy will influence investment and spending programmes on the Welsh coastline and will examine a wide range of opportunities, including opportunities for coastal resorts, developing active and passive coastal recreation, marina harbours and moorings and other opportunities.
The strategy’s key aims are: 

  • To ensure that sustainable tourism is making an increasing contribution to the local economy of coastal communities
  • To improve the quality of the visitor experience
  • To achieve an integrated approach to the development and management of coastal tourism
  • To safeguard the environment and cultural heritage of the coast as a key resource for the development of coastal tourism