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Written - Local Government – Legislative Competence Order

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Brian Gibbons, Minister for Social Justice and Local Government

I am pleased to announce that a proposed Legislative Competence Order (LCO) in the field of local government has been laid today.


The National Assembly for Wales has legislative competence in relation to many aspects of local government already.  The LCO would extend the field of competence in respect of local government to include community councils (which includes their constitution, structure, procedures, capability and service delivery), community reviews, the relations between tiers of local government, councillor allowances and the recruitment and retention of councillors.


The Welsh Assembly Government values the contribution made by community councils at the grassroots of local government in Wales and we made commitments in the policy statement A Shared Responsibility to raise awareness of local government and increase interest in candidacy, promote community involvement through council service and work with others on councillor development. 


The LCO would enable the Assembly to legislate by means of Assembly Measures in these areas.


I will make a Legislative Statement during Plenary on 14 July