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Written Statement - Allocation of Regional Transport Consortia Grant funding

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Ieuan Wyn Jones, Deputy First Minister and Minister for the Economy and Transport

I am announcing my decision on the allocation of funds to support Regional Transport Consortia in 2011-12 at 3pm today.

Following the approval of the four Regional Transport Plans in December 2009, and funding allocations in FY2010-11, the Regional Transport Consortia have submitted a further round of proposals to deliver the aspirations identified in their Plans in FY2011-12 including proposals to improve Road Safety.

I am pleased to announce that a Regional Transport Consortia Grant of £27.01 million will be apportioned as follows:

  • Sewta             £11.456 million
  • SWWITCH     £6.128 million
  • Taith                £6.067 million
  • TraCC                        £3.359 million

The allocation will deliver schemes to support the Regional Transport Plans and improve Road Safety in Wales.