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Jobs and Skills

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In this section of the website you will find information about our education policies and what support is available from us.
From this page you can access papers from each meeting of the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Jobs and Skills (February 2005 - May 2007).
Information about the Cabinet Committee including its membership, terms of reference and a record of its proceedings.

1. The membership of the Sub-Committee is:

  • First Minister (Chair)
  • Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills
  • Minister for Enterprise Innovation and Networks
  • Minister for Finance, Local Government and Public Services
  • Minister for Social Justice and Regeneration
  • Minister for Environment, Planning and Countryside
  • Minister for Culture, Welsh Language and Sport

Other Ministers with an interest in any of the agenda items for a meeting of the Sub-Committee may attend that meeting on request. Deputy Ministers may attend meetings at the request of the Minister whom they support. This may be along with or in place of that Minister.

2. The Cabinet Sub Committee on Jobs and Skills will oversee policy approaches to the two Wales: A Better Country key priorities of "creating better jobs and skills" and "helping more people into jobs". The sub committee will consider matters relating to:

  • the quality, relevance and delivery of vocational education, basic and occupational skills provision, and the 14-19 agenda;
  • the development of measures aimed at reducing unemployment and improving economic activity rates;  
  • the creation of jobs through inward investment, indigenous business expansion and promotion of entrepreneurship;  
  • the consideration of issues which might arise in the short term from the mergers of Education and Learning Wales (ELWa), Welsh Development Agency, WalesTourist Board and Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales (ACCAC) with the Assembly Government, in respect of collaborative strategic planning and delivery;  
  • the key relationships with stakeholders such as such as employer organisations; Trade Unions; Careers Wales and Jobcentre Plus;  
  • the review of progress and performance of the current Structural Funds programmes, including the funding of "gaps" in provision;  
  • the strategic development of the Structural Funds programmes post 2006, in the context of the Assembly Government's priorities, and the reform of State Aids.  

3. At its first meeting, the Sub-Committee will identify its priorities for action in the first year, and keep these under review.

4. The Sub-Committee will meet as required, normally monthly. Meetings will be held in private unless decided otherwise. It will report to the full Cabinet from time to time. It may involve individuals and organisations from outside the Assembly to contribute to its work as appropriate.

5. The Sub-Committee will be supported jointly by the Cabinet Unit and policy officials. The latter comprises officials at Head of Branch and Head of Division levels from the relevant policy divisions.