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Visit Wales Tourism Investment Support Scheme grant offer (Saesneg yn unig)

The Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology & Science approved the issuing of the grant offer letter and related grant payment.

Date of decision / Dyddiad y penderfyniad:

19 April 2012.

Statement of information / Datganiad gwybodaeth:

The Minister for Business Enterprise Technology and Science is being asked to approve the release of a grant offer document, and for payments to be released against it.  The project is to convert a 3 bedroom 4 Star B&B at Offa Dyke House, Knighton.

The Tourism Investment Support Scheme encourages businesses to undertake investment and to create or safeguard jobs which would not occur, or would occur on a reduced scale, without an offer of financial assistance.  

The issuing of the offer document will enable the project to proceed.

The relevant tourism powers are based on Section 1 of the WDA act 1975 (as amended), section 4A of the Development of Tourism Act 1969, together with the relevant sections of the Government of Wales Act 2006.