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Gwenda Thomas AM

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We have established a 10 year action plan to deal with the things that matter most in the lives of older people in Wales.
Gwenda Thomas AM
Biographical details and Ministerial responsibilities of the Deputy Minister for Social Services.

Born in 1942.  Previously a Civil Servant and Chair of Social Services Committees of West Glamorgan County Council and Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.  She was Chair of West Glamorgan Campaign for a Welsh Assembly and Vice Chair "Yes for Wales", Neath.  Her interests include health, social services and the rights of carers and children, childcare and the voluntary sector.  She is a fluent Welsh speaker.

Gwenda was appointed as a Deputy Minister with special responsibility for social services in May 2007.  Following re-election to the National Assembly in May 2011, Gwenda Thomas was appointed Deputy Minister for Social Services.

The Deputy Minister for Social Services is responsible for:

  • Policy on care in the community; 
  • Policy on the provision of social services for children and its oversight; 
  • Adoption and fostering services in Wales, but not adoption of children by UK residents abroad; 
  • Oversight of all other social services activities of local authorities in Wales including the issuing of statutory guidance; 
  • Oversight of the Care Council for Wales (which is an Welsh Government Sponsored Body (WGSB)); 
  • Regulation of residential, domiciliary, adult placements, foster care, under 8`s care provision and private healthcare in Wales;
  • Receiving and responding to reports from, the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales; directing specific inspections when required;
  • Inspection of, and reporting on, the provision of social services by local authorities in Wales (via the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales), including joint reviews of social services; 
  • Cross cutting responsibility for health improvement and older people and carers; 
  • The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales; and
  • Complaints, representations and advocacy under 1989 Children Act in relation to Social Services;
  • Information sharing under the Children Act 2004; and
  • The Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service (CAFCASS), including Supervised Child Contact Centres.
Lead Ministers retain responsibility for those functions allocated to Deputy Ministers for the purposes of representing those issues in Cabinet.  For all other purposes, Deputy Ministers deliver those responsibilities on a day to day basis including answering AQs.

Writing to Ministers

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We aim to provide a response to correspondence to Ministers, including electronic mail within 17 working days.  Ministers will respond to matters that fall within their portfolio.  Please follow the link ‘Writing to Ministers’ on the left hand side to direct your correspondence to the right Minister.