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The Future of Devolution in Wales

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The Welsh Government’s vision for Wales’ long term constitutional future within a devolved United Kingdom has been unveiled by the First Minister, Carwyn Jones.
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The Welsh Government has set out its vision for the future of Welsh governance in its evidence to the Commission on Devolution in Wales (the Silk Commission) submitted on 18 February 2013.

The Silk Commission was established by the UK Government in October 2011 to review the financial and constitutional arrangements in Wales. Its first report, dealing with the Assembly’s financial powers, was published in November 2012. Its second report, on the non-financial powers, is due by spring 2014.

The Commission issued a Call for Evidence on 29 November 2012 in respect of Part II of its remit. This Evidence constitutes the Welsh Government’s formal response.

Further information on devolution in Wales can be found on the Commission on Devolution in Wales website.