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About us

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service

About us

CAFCASS Cymru is a child-focused social work organisation, which provides expert social work advice to family proceedings courts, the County Courts and the High Court.

We are committed to providing an effective and efficient service that recognises the unique needs and rights of individual children ordinarily resident in Wales.

Information about specific roles within CAFCASS Cymru can be found on the About our staff page.

Main duties

The powers and duties of CAFCASS Cymru are set out in the Children Act 2004 and the Children and Adoption Act 2006.

Our duties are:

  • safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children;
  • giving advice to any court about applications made to it;
  • making provision for children to be represented in proceedings;
  • providing information, advice and other support for children and their families;
  • assessing risks to the child and reporting to the court.

Children Act 2004

Part 4 of the Children Act 2004 makes provision for advisory and support services in family proceedings in Wales. Where a case is concerned with the welfare of children who are ordinarily resident in Wales, then it is a function of the National Assembly for Wales to:

  • safeguard and promote the welfare of such children;
  • give advice to any court about any application made to it in such proceedings; and
  • provide information, advice and other support for the children and their families.

Children and Adoption Act 2006

The Act aims to reduce the number of intractable cases going through the family courts, reduce the resources involved, and reduce the emotional and psychological impact on children and young people who are part of such proceedings.

The Act has two distinct parts. Part 1 addresses issues related to enforcing and improving contact arrangements and Part 2 aims to improve regulations and safeguards for inter-country adoption arrangements.

The Welsh Government

The way the Welsh Government discharges this function is by delegation to Welsh family proceedings officers (WFPOs). In CAFCASS Cymru, the Welsh family proceedings officer is the generic title which is the equivalent of ‘officer of the service’ in England.