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Consultation on proposals for a Sustainable Development Bill

This consultation sets out our proposals to develop and strengthen our approach to sustainable development in Wales.
Start of consultation: 09/05/2012
End of consultation: 18/07/2012

We committed in Programme for Government to:

  • Legislate to make sustainable development the central organising principle of the Welsh Government and public bodies in Wales; and
  • Create an independent sustainable development body for Wales.

This consultation will inform the development of the Sustainable Development Bill White Paper. We plan to launch that document which will include more detailed proposals in autumn 2012.

In this consultation, we want your views on:

  • our approach to a sustainable development duty that applies to organisations delivering public services;
  • our approach to the role and functions of a new independent sustainable development body;
  • the barriers to taking more long-term, joined-up decisions, and how to remove them;
  • evidence on promoting sustainable development;
  • reviewing existing legal duties and simplifying them in the proposed Sustainable Development Bill;
  • the advantages and disadvantages of defining “sustainable development” in law.

Note : A correction was made to the original consultation summary published on 27 September 2012 as it did not list the Countryside Council for Wales as a respondent to the consultation. An updated summary report was published on 8 October 2012.