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The Pollution Prevention and Control (Combusion Plants) (Wales) Directions 2007 (2007 No.54)

This is a Direction from the Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing to the Environment Agency.

The Permitted Level of Noise (Wales) Directions 2007 (2007 No. 24)

These Directions set out a new permitted level of noise, which may be emitted during night hours from any dwelling or licensed premises for the purposes of an offence under the Noise Act 1996. The Directions are being made under section 5 of the Noise Act 1996.

The Measuring Devices (Noise Act 1996) (Wales) Approval 2007 (2007 No. 23)

This Approval gives approval for the types of devices used for the purposes of the Noise Act 1996 and the conditions subject to which that approval is given, such as how the measuring devices will be calibrated. The Approval is being made under section 6 of the Noise Act 1996.

Part 2a Statutory Guidance On Contaminated Land (2006) (2007 No. 2) (English only)

This legislation provides updated guidance to Local Authorities and the Environment Agency in their application of the contaminated land regime following the coming into force of The Radioactive Contaminated Land (Modifications of Enactments) (Wales) Regulations 2006 and The Contaminated Land (Wale ...