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01 April 2014
The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill completed its legislative passage through the National Assembly.
17 March 2014
Writing in his regular Western Mail column, Health Minister Mark Drakeford talks about his first year in post
17 February 2014
The Deputy Minister for Social Services discusses a crucial stage of the scrutiny of the landmark Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill.
10 February 2014
In her column in the Western Mail, the Chief Medical Officer Dr Ruth Hussey looks at using evidence to improve our health outcomes.
03 February 2014
Last week saw a sharp focus on the levels of cancer care we offer in Wales. Cancer services are regularly in the political spotlight and the focus is often on things which are said to be wrong
06 January 2014
In her column in the Western Mail, the Chief Medical Officer Dr Ruth Hussey talks about becoming healthier
30 December 2013
Gwenda Thomas takes a look back at what has been an eventful year for social services policy in Wales.
23 December 2013
There are only a few days left of this year, and as we look towards welcoming 2014, it is a good time to reflect on the past 12 months.
20 December 2013
When faced with difficult choices the importance of culture, sport and the arts in our every day lives can get lost.
26 November 2013
Wales remains on track to meet our ambitious waste and recycling targets.
25 November 2013
In her Western Mail column the Chief Medical Officer Dr Ruth Hussey talks about taking responsibility for your own health
18 November 2013
Gwenda Thomas, the Deputy Minister for Social Services writes in the Western Mail about assessment and eligibility criteria for social care services.
11 November 2013
We are told time and time again that if we live well, eat well and look after ourselves, we can enjoy lengthening lives with increasingly robust health
06 November 2013
You can reduce food waste by planning meals and shopping carefully to save money.
30 October 2013
Wales’ waste management and recycling is definitely heading in the right direction.
14 October 2013
Last week Wales hosted the international public health conference which brought together policy makers, leaders and public health professionals from Wales and across Europe.
07 October 2013
Plans to strengthen the regulation and inspection of social care in Wales have been published in a White Paper.
30 September 2013
This month saw Wales take the lead in two areas of health when I had the privilege of launching two very important frameworks
02 September 2013
Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Chris Jones writes in the Western Mail about the latest campaign from Change4Life.
26 August 2013
A new recruitment campaign has begun to get users of social services, carers and those with an interest in social care to join a 'citizen panel'.
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