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Employment high on the list for Welsh Government equality survey respondents

Employment is emerging as the key issue for respondents to a Welsh Government equality survey, Equality Minister Jane Hutt said today.
Thursday 24 November 2011

The Making the Equality Act real for Wales survey – which closes on December 2nd – is asking people if they feel they are being treated unfairly because of anything from their race to gender to if they are disabled.  

Respondents so far are highlighting employment over health, housing education, transport and crime as being the area they believe people are most at risk of discrimination – particularly because of their age or gender.

Also high on the list for the first tranche of respondents is education – regardless of their background those taking part so far have said that they think a person’s religion or race can create difficulties when trying to access education.

There was an agreed consensus that access to transport and employment are the areas of biggest concern for those who are disabled.  

The Welsh Government is asking the people of Wales for examples of when their gender, race, faith or belief, sexual orientation, age, being pregnant, or being disabled or transgender has ever made a difference to how they’ve been treated when going about their everyday lives.

The final results will help the Welsh Government to implement the Equality Act.  Under the Equality Act a wide range of public services like schools, colleges, GP clinics and council leisure centres have to treat everyone fairly and make themselves accessible.

The Welsh Government has also chosen to go further than the UK Government in its approach to the Equality Act by legislating that all public authorities are required to publish the pay of their employees in order to ascertain if there is a gap between women and men’s pay, and take into account equality when procuring goods.  

Equality Minister Jane Hutt said:

"This survey shows employment remains top of people’s minds. People are extremely concerned that certain groups such as young people are being hit the hardest in this current financial climate - that’s why this Government will continue to work hard to help people find jobs and have put employment and the economy at the heart of our work.

"It’s also clear that people feel that they and others are still being treated differently because of their background when they try to access education and training, health services, housing and crime protection. The purpose of the Welsh Specific Equality Duties is to turn this around and we’re keen to hear people’s views before the survey closes."




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