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Jane Hutt congratulates Disability Wales on 40th Anniversary

Equalities Minister Jane Hutt today congratulated Disability Wales on their 40th anniversary and highlighted their continuous campaigning to improve the lives of disabled people in Wales.
Wednesday 18 January 2012

Speaking during a reception at the Senedd, Jane Hutt said:

"Disability Wales should be rightly proud of everything they've achieved over the past 40 years for disabled people in Wales.  They've continually been a strong voice, lobbying at all levels to improve the lives for all those who face barriers in their everyday lives.

"The UK Government's welfare reform agenda threatens to undermine the inclusion and independence of disabled people. Within the powers we have, we will do our utmost to offset this.

 "I want Wales to be a country that values disabled people, and welcomes their full participation in our society.  We will continue to work closely with Disability Wales to tackle the barriers that prevent that from happening.

"I know I can rely on Disability Wales to be at the forefront of partnership working, not just with the Welsh Government, but with other organisations, public and private, wherever they can influence the key issues that face disabled people."

Jane Hutt added:

"The Welsh Government is currently in the process of developing a Framework for Action on Independent living for disabled people. We want to remove the institutional, environmental and attitudinal barriers that can disable people more than their impairments or health conditions.

"Disability Wales is working closely with us on the development of the Framework and I would like to thank them for their support as we try to engage with as many disabled people as possible across Wales.

"By identifying the issues that are of most concern to individuals and their representative organisations, we can try to find practical solutions and promote positive attitudes that support people in achieving their goals and contributing to their communities."



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