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Social Research

National Survey for Wales

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  • Release date: 25 September 2014
  • Period covered: 2013-14
  • Next update: 30 October 2014
The National Survey for Wales is a study of adults across the whole of Wales.

About the survey

Each year, a representative sample of 14,500 people across Wales take part in the survey. The results are used by the Welsh Government to help make Wales a better place to live. They help to:

  • make decisions that are based on sound evidence
  • monitor changes over time
  • identify areas of good practice that can be implemented more widely
  • identify areas or groups that would benefit from intensive local support, so action can be targeted as effectively as possible.

The survey covers a range of topics with a focus on well being and people’s views on public services. The topics change slightly each year; further details on topics can be found in 'Background information/More in this section/Content and materials'.

Update on plans for 2015-16

We are currently looking at different options for delivering a number of large-scale surveys of people in Wales. These surveys include the National Survey for Wales, the Welsh Health Survey, and regular surveys commissioned by some WG-funded bodies such as Sport Wales, Arts Council Wales, and Natural Resources Wales.

To allow us to develop and introduce the new approach, fieldwork under the current National Survey contract will end in March 2015, with the results of the 2014-15 interviews to be published shortly afterwards. There will be no National Survey undertaken in 2015-16.

In late 2014, we expect to start consulting with users on some of the details of the new approach to surveys. We will then work with survey users in 2015-16 to clarify their information needs and develop the survey content. The aim is for fieldwork under the revised approach to begin in 2016-17.

To contact the Welsh Government team that runs the National Survey, email or call 029 2082 6685.

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