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New house building

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  • Release date: 19 March 2014
  • Period covered: October to December 2013
  • Next update: 19 June 2014
A quarterly report which includes information the number of new dwellings started, where building has commenced and those completed.

The information on new house building is based on the reports of local authority building inspectors and the National House Building Council (NHBC), which is a private approved inspector. It does not include information from other private approved inspectors.

Key points

  • On an annual basis, more new dwellings were started in 2012-13 than in 2011-12. This increase has continued into 2013-14 with more starts recorded in each quarter of the year than in the previous two years. During October to December 2013-14 there were 1,305 new dwellings started, up by 6 per cent on the same quarter of 2012-13.
  • While fewer new dwellings were completed in Wales in 2012-13, than in any other year, completions have increased during the first three quarters of 2013-14.  During October to December 2013-14 there were 1,560 dwellings completed, which is a 6 per cent increase compared to the same quarter in 2012-13.
  • During the October to December quarter 2013-14, private sector completions were up by 10 per cent on the previous year at 1,401 dwellings. Over the financial year to December 2013, a total of 3,965 dwellings were completed by the private sector which is the highest number for the first three quarters of the year since 2009-10.
  • Conversely, RSL completions during the October to December quarter 2013-14 were down by 16 per cent on the previous year at 159 dwellings. Information from the affordable housing data collection also shows a downward trend in the provision of additional affordable housing by RSLs over the last two years and a substantial proportion of this provision is likely to be new house building.


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