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Referrals, assessments and social services for children

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  • Release date: 4 September 2013
  • Period covered: 2012-13
  • Next update: 3 September 2014
An annual report which includes information on referrals by local authority, young carers and those on Child Protection Registers.

Key points

  • Local authorities received just over 39,800 referrals during the year. 27 per cent of referrals were for children who had previously been referred to the same local authority compared to 30 per cent in the previous year. A contributing factor to the fall in the number of referrals in 2012-13 was the exclusion of contacts which did not result in a subsequent referral. Some local authorities had incorrectly included these in previous years.
  • Just under 27,000 initial assessments were completed. 73 per cent were carried out within 7 working days of referral compared to 69 per cent in the previous year.
  • Over three-quarters (77 per cent) of required core assessments were completed within 35 working days, compared with 73 per cent in 2011-12.
  • Just under 3,000 children were registered on local authority Child Protection Registers (CPRs) at 31 March 2013. 30 per cent of children had been on CPRs for less than 3 months, while 17 per cent of children had been on registers for more than 12 months.


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