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Social housing stock and rents

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  • Release date: 7 August 2013
  • Period covered: 31 March 2013
  • Next update: 6 August 2014
An annual report which includes information on the number of dwellings, bedsits and bedspaces owned or partly owned by local authorities and registered social landlords

Key points

  • There continues to be a very slight increase in socially rented housing stock, with 225,919 social landlord dwellings, bedsits and bedspaces (i.e. housing units) in Wales at 31 March 2013. Since March 2012, socially rented housing stock has increased by just over 0.1 per cent, resulting in an average of 17 social rented housing units being available per 100 households across Wales.
  • At 31 March 2013, 61 per cent of all social rented housing stock was owned by RSLs; with RSLs owning all social housing in half of the authorities across Wales.
  • Since 2003-04 rent levels of self-contained social rented housing has increased across all property types, with weekly rents increasing most, over the last year, for RSL extra care properties.
  • Local authority rent levels for self-contained general needs housing remained below those of the RSLs, with the overall average rent of £73.99 per week for 2013-14, compared to £76.04 for RSLs. The gap between local authority and RSL rent levels has narrowed slightly over the year to 4.5 per cent.


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