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Substance misuse

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  • Release date: 26 August 2014
  • Period covered: January to March 2014
  • Next update: 30 October 2014
A quarterly and annual report which includes data on clients seen at drug and alcohol treatment agencies.


We have been notified of an error in the data submitted for the quarterly statistics “Substance Misuse, Wales January to March 2014”. Consequently we are withdrawing the most recent quarter’s statistics and postponing future publication of these statistics whilst we work with data partners to obtain correct data. We will announce a revised release date once we are content that the data is accurate. Annual statistics for 2013-14 scheduled for publication on 30 October 2014 are unaffected by this issue.

Summary tables from annual statistics are available on StatsWales.

Annual statistics are available from 'Useful links'.

We have consulted on the method of releasing these data. As a result, in the near future quarterly data will be published on StatsWales and a report published annually.


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