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Sustainable development indicators

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  • Release date: 22 August 2013
  • Period covered: 2013
  • Next update: 21 August 2014
An annual report that presents a suite of indicators used to measure our progress.

The booklet is similar to the UK report Measuring Progress: Sustainable Development Indicators published in July 2010. Previous versions of the Welsh booklet presented a comparison with UK indicators; however, DEFRA recently developed a new set of sustainable development indicators which mainly presents data for England. Therefore, comparisons with UK indicators have not been included in the release or the ‘In Your Pocket’ booklet.

Key points

  • 22 of 44 indicator assessments show a clear improvement.
  • 18 of 44 indicator assessments show little or no change.
  • 1 of 44 indicator assessments show clear deterioration.
  • 3 of 44 indicator assessments have insufficient or no comparable data.


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