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Wales Public Service Network

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Improving public services is of fundamental importance to the future of Wales.
We will make more public and government services digital so they are easier to access and become more efficient and convenient.


Traditionally public sector services in Wales relied upon a number of different broadband services, purchased from different suppliers to support sector specific business needs. This was a valuable opportunity to combine the demands of the different sectors. We decided to put in place a far sighted agreement to provide one flexible, cost effective broadband for the public sector.

What is the Wales Public Service Network (PSN)?

The network is a secure private internet delivering voice, video and data communication services across all public services in Wales. It is delivered through the PSBA Programme. The network is the first of its kind in the UK. For the first time, partner organisations in Wales are sharing the same secure broadband network designed by the public sector to meet its specific business needs.

The PSN uses a shared core network across Wales with direct connections to individual sites operational management is simplified delivering further cost savings.

Who are the partner organisations?

The majority of public service organisations (103) covering more than 2,500 sites are connected to the network and benefitting from better, faster connections and collaborative costs savings.

These organisations across the public sector include:

  • Higher education
  • Further education
  • Health services
  • Local government

Better by design

The design of the network means that sites, not organisations are connected to a common network enabling better information sharing, previously unavailable. The design of the PSN also makes it much easier for organisations to match the capacity of their local network connections to their access requirements. Health organisations are being given greater bandwidth to support clinical image transfer and general growth in data traffic.

Reduced cost of phone calls

Phase two of the PSBA Programme is now underway. It will allow connected organisations to make telephone calls across the network. (Voice over Internet Protocol) Organisations can use this service to make calls without charge to other PSN connected organisations and also reduce their current switchboard costs through new contact centre services.


For any queries or further information about the PSN or PSBA Programme, please telephone 02920 823190 or email - or visit (External link)