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Man typing on two interactive keyboards.

e-Business offers Information Communication Technology (ICT) support to Welsh businesses through various programmes.

Most business processes which are key to the successful running of an organisation can be made more efficient and successful through the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Business processes include:

  • finance,
  • stock control,
  • information management, and,
  • supply-chain management and resource planning.

Introducing and integrating these processes electronically can enable and improve business interaction, transaction and management between suppliers, manufacturers and customers.

How we can help

The introduction of ICT within businesses allows growth, reduces costs and increases profitability. Listed below are practical support programmes which can help Welsh businesses achieve these benefits.

e-Crime Wales

Our e-Crime Wales programme shares and distributes information for Welsh businesses to conduct business online safely and securely. Find out more by visiting the e-Crime Wales website. (External link)

Business health check

Use our online form to register your business for a free ICT health check. If eligible, businesses can get independent, impartial advice from consultants who can look at opportunities for improving ICT use.

Digital Ecosystems-Learning Application Network (DE-LAN)

Sharing knowledge and experience across Europe on creating new types of digital networks for businesses. Find out more by visiting the DE-LAN website. (External link)

E-business support

Comprehensive e-Business support package for ICT integration.