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Pupil Participation Project

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This Best Practice Guide contains some good examples of including children and young people in decision-making.

Our Pupil Participation Project supports schools in enabling children and young people to have a voice and to participate in decisions that affect them, as set out in Article 12 of the UNCRC.

How does it work?

The project aims to achieve this goal in the following ways:

  • producing information, guidance and materials for children, young people and the adults who support them
  • working with colleagues both inside the Welsh Government and externally to ensure that pupil participation is central to the development of key educational policies and approaches, in particular the School Effectiveness Framework
  • supporting and developing a network of professionals in local authorities across Wales, who can promote and support the development of effective models of pupil participation at the local level
  • developing and disseminating training materials so that adults playing a key role in schools (particularly teachers and governors) understand what effective pupil participation looks like, how it contributes to children and young people’s well-being and school improvement, and how this can be developed in their school.

Further information

Visit the Pupil Voice Wales website.

School Councils

The School Councils (Wales) Regulations, 2005 made it a statutory requirement for all maintained schools in Wales to have a school council. Pupil voice is represented in the development of school policies and procedures.

View the School Councils (Wales) Regulations (2005) on the Office of Public Sector Information website.