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All Wales Youth Offending Strategy: Delivery Plan 2009-2011

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The youth justice system is made up of a number of organisations working together.
The social and economic costs of youth offending are high - for society, for public services, for communities, for victims and for those children and young people who offend.
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The 2009-2011 The All Wales Youth Offending Strategy Delivery Plan set out the changes made, the priority themes to address and the actions to take.

The Welsh Government and the Youth Justice Board reviewed and refreshed the delivery mechanisms for the All Wales Youth Offending Strategy.

The Welsh Government is currently identifying what action is needed to improve youth justice in Wales and whether we need a new law to strengthen the accountability and co-operation of local and regional partnerships in their support for young people while they are in the youth justice system.   While this work is undertaken the principles in the Strategy and Delivery Plan are still appropriate.