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The Youth Work Curriculum Statement for Wales (2007)

Youth work is delivered by both the statutory and voluntary youth service in Wales through a voluntary relationship between young people and youth workers.

Youth workers operate within their own organisations and communities and in partnership with others. Youth workers offer young people opportunities for learning that are: Educative, Participative, Expressive, Inclusive and Empowering.

The Youth Work Curriculum Statement intended to:

  • establish the main purposes of youth work in Wales
  • inform those outside the service of these purposes
  • provide common understanding of these purposes
  • provide a framework for the development of practice and determining of priorities
  • create a means by which progress towards the achievement of these purposes is measured.

In February 2013 the Youth Work Curriculum Statement was replaced with: ‘Youth Work in Wales: Principles and Purposes’. This was developed and produced by representatives of the voluntary and local authority youth work sectors in Wales.  It sets out the key principles which underpin youth work and provides an overview of its nature, purposes and delivery in Wales.

The Principles and Purposes document is available to download on the WLGA website (external link).