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As part of our remit for safeguarding children we have contributed both financially and through representation on a Steering Group to support a UK research project on emergency accommodation for young runaways.

‘Review of Emergency Accommodation for Young Runaways’

The Minister for Health and Social Services agreed that it would be appropriate for Wales to be included in the research project and contribute to the overall cost of the ‘Review of Emergency Accommodation for Young Runaways’ research project. The project was commissioned by the English Department for Children, Schools and Families, in association with the devolved administrations in Wales and Scotland, as part of the Young Runaways Action Plan.

The project is being undertaken by The Children’s Society in partnership with the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York. They have conducted a small number of in-depth interviews on a local basis across the UK, with one in Wales, having identified a typical area/unitary authority in the south east of Wales.


The overall aim of the project is to generate a clear and authoritative set of recommendations which will help local authorities and other key stakeholders to develop solutions to meet the emergency accommodation needs of young runaways.

Learn more about the project on the Children's Society website.

The research will explore what constitutes ‘effective’ emergency accommodation in terms of availability and accessibility, and hopes to inform our understanding of the commissioning and delivery of emergency accommodation as well as young people's perceptions of it and its value at critical crisis points.

This will assist local authorities and key partners in developing appropriate emergency accommodation for young people who have run away, and the provision of longer term support.  It is expected that the research methodology will ensure that key audiences are involved and consulted throughout the research process, and Welsh interests will be fully represented.

The primary aim of this project will be to generate a clear and authoritative set of findings and recommendations which will provide a framework for the development of effective emergency accommodation for young people who run away in England, Scotland and Wales. A final report on the whole project is due to be delivered in the summer of 2010.