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Libraries Inspire: The strategic development framework for Welsh libraries 2012-16

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Libraries Inspire outlines our plans to work in partnership with the library sector in Wales.

Public, educational, and workplace libraries, are at the heart of their communities. The very reason for their existence is to inspire and assist people to make a positive difference to their lives. Libraries contribute to the social, educational, cultural and economic wellbeing of the people of Wales.

This strategy describes how we will maintain and develop new innovative services to meet the needs of the people of Wales over the next 5 years. To do this, we need to work with all types of libraries and their parent bodies, and other relevant organisations.

The priorities of the strategy are to:

  • work together to review current models of service delivery in response to the current economic climate, and develop new innovative models of delivery
  • develop partnership working in procuring and improving access to resources, including new online services such as e-books
  • modernise public library buildings to meet the changing needs of their users
  • maximise the contribution of libraries in developing people’s skills to help everyone reach their potential, reduce inequality, and improve economic and social well-being
  • invest in developing the skills of library staff
  • implement a co-ordinated audience development programme across Wales to enrich the lives of individuals and communities
  • ensure the provision of a high quality service through initiatives such as the Welsh Public Library Standards.

Delivery Plan

The Delivery Plan outlines specific actions and targets relating to deliver the priorities in each section of the strategy. It is a dynamic document and will be revised to reflect new priorities which arise during the duration of the Framework. It will also provide an opportunity to highlight the work carried out by the library sector.