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Welsh language and Welsh-medium education

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This document sets out the Welsh Government's Strategy and Implementation Programme for Welsh-medium education.
This is the Welsh Ministers' strategy for the promotion and facilitation of the use of Welsh language.
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In Wales, dependent on a number of locally determined factors, Welsh-medium, English-medium or bilingual education will be available for your child.

This section of the website explains what Welsh-medium or bilingual education entails at each phase of your child’s education.

What is Welsh-medium education?

Welsh-medium education provides opportunities for children and young people to achieve fluency in the Welsh language through studying a broad range of subjects and disciplines in Welsh.  Your child’s English skills will also be developed in English lessons and through experiencing some aspects of the curriculum in English.

What is bilingual education?

In some areas of Wales, the provision of bilingual education is the norm. Bilingual education varies across Wales from education where a large proportion of the curriculum is delivered through the medium of Welsh, to education where only a few subjects within the curriculum or a very a small number of lessons are taught through the medium of Welsh.

Contact your local authority to find out what’s available in your area.

For practitioner guidance and information visit the Learning Wales website.

For classroom materials visit Hwb.

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