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Research and Evaluation

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Research and evaluation play a critical role in the development and enhancement of learning, education and skills policies in Wales.

We have a wealth of intelligence already available to us. It is vital that we analyse this intelligence thoroughly, share it widely, and use it effectively.

Research enables us to shape our policies and services to the needs of learners and learning providers in Wales. We can then develop a systematic approach to best understand and address the needs of learners across Wales and ensure that policies and products respond to these needs.

Details of some of our work

Among other things, we have established a major customer research strategy, which looks at learners’ satisfaction with learning, as well as attitudes and motivations towards learning.

We undertake policy and market research in line with the business needs. Recent activity includes research into:

  • Learning Options for 14-19 year olds in Wales
  • Basic Skills Capacity in Wales
  • Barriers to Learning Amongst Selected Communities
  • As well as reviewing the skill needs of a number of strategic sectors in Wales.

All our programmes are evaluated and we rigorously implement changes in accordance with the findings. New initiatives have inbuilt evaluation frameworks which support programme design.

We also develop tailored evaluation guidance for partners, including ensuring that timely and accurate information is accessible to everyone interested in education and training in Wales. This information is available on the website.