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The school curriculum

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The distinct approach being taken in Wales to transform the way in which young people are educated.
Our National Literacy and National Numeracy Programmes outline the actions that we are taking to improve standards of literacy and numeracy over a five year period.

The school curriculum for 3 – 19 year-olds has been developed to meet the needs of individual learners whilst taking into account the broader needs of Wales.

It is made up of the following 7 areas:

  • the Foundation Phase
  • skills development
  • the national curriculum
  • personal and social education
  • sex education
  • careers and the world of work
  • religious education.

The school curriculum is learner focussed, places an emphasis on skills development and ensures that it is appropriate for the specific needs of Wales.  

A series of guidance documents have been developed to support the implementation of the school curriculum. These documents, along with related key information, approaches and research can now be found on Learning Wales (external link).