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PISA INSET Training pack

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This section explains our policies about how we aim to continually improve the quality of schools in Wales.

PISA assessments require learners to apply, analyse, synthesise and evaluate skills in a variety of contexts within mathematical literacy, reading and scientific literacy.

Using PISA and PISA-style materials, as part of everyday learning and teaching, can better prepare learners for this type of assessment and support a more expansive pedagogy.

DfES has developed a suite of PISA INSET materials for use by primary and secondary schools, local authorities and/or consortia to deliver quality training for teachers.

The training materials focus on the development of effective teaching methods or pedagogy based on metacognition and developing thinking skills.

They provide practical advice and support for teachers in understanding the style, purpose and level of challenge of PISA and how it can be used to support teaching and learning.

The training materials have been designed as a suite of 8 ‘INSET modules’. Each module is approximately 1 hour in duration and can be used individually or as part of a continuing programme of work.

Modules 1 to 7 in the series are now available to download from Learning Wales - a new website for education practitioners in Wales.

Module 8 is currently in development and will be published in June 2013.