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National Numeracy Programme

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The Minister for Education and Skills has made raising standards of literacy and numeracy in schools a priority.
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Numeracy refers to the application of mathematical understanding in daily activities at school, at home, at work and in the community.

There is more to numeracy than teaching the rules and procedures of mathematics. However, it is imperative that the fundamental mathematical techniques are taught to a standard that allows learners to be numerate.

Numeracy describes the set of skills needed to tackle real-world problems in a variety of situations by applying numerical reasoning, and then carrying out the mathematical procedures to find the solution.

The Welsh Government’s priority is to raise standards in literacy and numeracy in schools across Wales. The Department for Education and Skills’ Numeracy Branch has developed a National Numeracy Programme (NNP). The NNP is produced bilingually. It sets out the actions that we and our partners will take to achieve a step-change in standards across the curriculum over the next five years.

The NNP, aimed at 5 to 14-year-olds, will propose action at national, local and school level to help support learners so that they leave school equipped with the numeracy skills they need.