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ICT Self Review Framework and ICT Mark

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The Welsh Assembly Government actively promotes the use of the Becta ICT Self Review Framework (SRF) in schools throughout Wales. The self review framework offers schools an online tool for assessing and improving the use of ICT.

About the self review framework

Becta's self review framework offers you a route for assessing and improving your school’s use of ICT. The framework is free to use via an online tool. It can help to:

  • show you what "good" use of ICT looks like
  • benchmark your progress against other schools
  • identify your strengths
  • produce action plans for improvement

The Elements of the Self Review Framework

The self-review framework comprises six elements; these elements cover the whole development of ICT across the school.

1. Leadership & Management
2. Planning
3. Learning
4. Assessment
5. Professional Development
6. Resources

1. Leadership and Management

• ICT and the school vision
• A strategy to achieve the vision
• Managing Information

2. Planning

• Whole-school planning for ICT
• Curriculum Leadership

3. Learning

• Teaching and the learning process
• Pupils’ learning experiences

4. Assessment of ICT capability

• Assessment of ICT capability

5. Professional Development

• Planning for Professional Development
• Implementation
• Review

6. Resources

• Provision
• Management of ICT resources