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School banding

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Leighton Andrews, Minister for Education and Skills
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In 2011 the previous Minister for Education and Skills set out the case for improvement and a clear set of actions to drive forward his improvement agenda. Banding is one of those actions.

The Minister for Education and Skills has stated categorically that banding is not about labelling schools, naming and shaming or creating a divisive league table.

Banding is about grouping schools according to a range of factors to establish priorities for differentiated support and to identify those from whom the sector can learn.

The most important element of the banding system will be the framework of support and challenge that will be developed over time to accompany each band.

The bands will inform support, challenge and intervention in a more standardised and transparent way than at present.

It will be for local authorities and consortia to agree the detail of how they will use banding to help target support and raise standards for all.

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