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Wales Employment and Skills Board

Wales Employment and Skills Board logo
The Wales Employment and Skills Board (WESB) has been created to drive forward the implementation of the skills and employment strategy and action plan Skills That Work for Wales.

The Wales and Employment and Skills Board has been created to:

  • strengthen the employer voice on skills in Wales;
  • give expert advice to Welsh Ministers; and
  • help Wales to develop a high-skills economy with opportunities for everyone.

Sir Adrian Webb is the Chair of the Wales Employment and Skills Board. He is also the UK Commissioner for Wales on the UK Commission for Employment and Skills - which has a UK-wide remit to provide vigorous and independent challenge, advising government at the highest levels across the UK on employment and skills strategy, targets, and policies.

The Wales Employment and Skills Board replaces two advisory panels: the Wales Employment Advisory Panel and the Joint Skills Advisory Panel.

Who are the Board?

Members of the Board have been selected due to their expertise in the skills and employment arena in Wales. There is representation from employers, training providers, trade unions, local authorities, higher education, further education and the business sector: 

  • Adrian Webb (Chair)
  • Huw Jones (Deputy Chair)
  • Paul Egan   
  • John Geraint  
  • Wendy Giles  
  • Alison Itani  
  • Glyn Jones  
  • Iwan Jones
  • Robert Lloyd
  • Martin Mansfield
  • Marcella Maxwell
  • Charles Middleton
  • Daniel Saunders

Sir Adrian Webb recently led an independent review of the Mission and Purpose of Further Education in Wales in the context of the Learning Country: Vision into Action (the Webb Review).

Biographies of the members can be downloaded.

Further information

For further information see the Wales Employment and Skills Board website, contact Fern Williams on 01792 224542  or email


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