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Leadership and Management

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Good leadership and management skills aren't just vital for your business.

They can have a huge impact on the Welsh economy as a whole. With appropriate training and development you can tackle the business challenges you face now and create a better workforce.

Enhancing Leadership and Management Skills (ELMS) is a programme which can help you improve the skills of your managers and workforce in Wales.

The ELMS programme includes:

  • Support from a Centre for Excellence in Leadership and Management - Leadership Management Wales (LMW). This centre offers information and signposting services and will help you to analyse and understand your leadership and management training needs
  • The Leadership and Management Development (LMD) Workshop Programme: The workshops are delivered across Wales by a network of 11 providers and focus on a range of leadership and management topics.  Our maximum contribution towards the cost of training is 70% for small to medium organisations and 50% for large organisations
  • Workforce Development Programme (Discretionary Funding): This programme allows organisations with more than 10 employees to work with one of our Workforce Development Advisors (WDA) free of charge to assess their leadership and management skills needs. Funding is granted dependent on organisations size and the skills needed. Organisations with less than 10 employees are able to apply directly to the Welsh Government for funding towards accredited leadership and management skills development. Both attract a funding contribution rate of 50%
  • Sector Leadership Fund: Funding has been allocated to 6 of the Sector Skills Councils to help them develop and deliver sector-specific leadership and management training across Wales.

To find out more about the support and funding that is available to you call us on 0845 6066160 or email us at

You can also access a wealth of information at the Leadership and Management Wales website (External link)

To find out more about the Sector Leadership Fund contact the relevant Sector Skills Council.

The Enhancing Leadership and Management Skills (ELMS) programme is part funded by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.

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