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Task and Finish Team

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Alan Davies AM, Minister for Natural Resources and Food
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This page explains the outcome of the 2012 consultation on Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs).

The consultation

In 2012 we consulted on 10 potential options for MCZs to gather information before determining how to take them forward in Wales.

The intention was that if any of the proposed sites became MCZs they would receive a high level of protection. That would protect all habitats and species within the zones from damaging or disturbing activities.

The consultation received 6,712 responses expressing strong and differing views. The most contentious element was the proposed high level of protection. Many were in favour of the principle of having such sites, but coastal communities and businesses thought they would create unacceptable socio-economic impacts with little evidence of the benefits.

Reviewing our approach

We set up a Task and Finish Team. They reviewed the consultation feedback and the approaches taken by the other UK administrations and then recommended how MCZs in Wales could contribute to the wider Marine Protected Area network.

The Task and Finish Team was guided and supported by a Stakeholder Focus Group that represented all the major marine users.

The report below summarises the findings of the Task and Finish Team.