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Waste and recycling

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This consultation has closed. The summary of responses is now available.
Outcomes, policies and actions on waste for organisations, companies and individuals in the industrial and commercial sectors.
A report that provides information on the reuse, recycling and composting of municipal waste.
A review of shopper perceptions and usage of single use carrier bags, bags for life and other containers.
recycling bins

We set high level policies and targets for councils and businesses to follow to ensure that Wales reduces its waste production to a sustainable amount.

In Wales, over 17 million tonnes of waste is produced each year.

If everyone lived the way that we do, we would need nearly three planets to provide the resources needed. This is no longer an option for Wales, so we must reduce our waste.

Our waste policies and targets for Wales are set out in “Towards Zero Waste”- the overarching waste strategy document for Wales. 

For more information on types of waste and household waste and recycling please see your local council’s waste page or visit Waste Awareness Wales (external link).

For information on minimising and dealing with waste in your business see our Business waste information page.