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Commercial fishing

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Deputy Minister for Fisheries, Alun Davies, has welcomed the agreement reached in Brussels to establish fishing opportunities for 2013.
The Deputy Minister for Fisheries, Alun Davies, has hosted the annual Stakeholder meeting to discuss next year’s fish quotas with the Industry – from across the whole of the UK.
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Spider crabs

All commercial fishing in the sea around Wales is subject to regulations in UK and European Union.

Regulation of Sea Fisheries is achieved through Secondary legislation (Statutory Instruments) made by Welsh Ministers under powers from primary legislation.

Please refer to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) by accessing the external links below regarding licences, fishing effort, quotas and statistics.

Commercial fishing licenses

Regulations require that all commercial fishing vessels are registered and licensed (external link).

Fishing Effort (Days at Sea)

Vessels fishing in some areas with some types of gear are restricted in the days they may fish (external link).


Fishing for many species of fish around Wales is limited by quota (external link).


Fisheries statistics (external link) for the whole of the United Kingdom is managed by the Marine Management Organisation.