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Proposed Policy: Prohibiting the sale of tobacco from vending machines

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The policy aim is to prohibit sales of tobacco products from vending machines in Wales.

It also aims to restrict access to and discourage the use of tobacco products by young people.  

Since vending machines are self-service, they provide easy and often unsupervised access to tobacco, including for young people under the legal age of sale of 18 years. Although sales of tobacco products from vending machines represent only 1 per cent of the overall tobacco market, a disproportionate number of sales from vending machines are made to people aged under 18. In 2008, vending machines were a usual source of tobacco for 10 per cent of children aged 11–15 years who said they smoked.

The tobacco-related provisions in the Health Act 2009 introduce a general prohibition of the sale of tobacco products from vending machines.  Establishments which currently provide tobacco vending machines can still sell tobacco products over the counter, as long as this adheres to the regulations in relation to the display of tobacco products at the point of sale.