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Health conditions

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Wales has a number of challenges with major health conditions that are being tackled by the National Health Service in Wales

Among the health issues faced by the NHS is the fact that one third of all adults in Wales, an estimated 800,000 people, has at least one chronic condition.

In many instances chronic conditions are no longer life threatening. Cancer and heart disease are examples of illnesses that can now be treated. This means that often they have become conditions people can live with rather than conditions that they will die from.

Helping the people of Wales

We aim to help the people of Wales who have major health conditions by:

  • improving standards of health;
  • providing responsive and high quality care; and  
  • making efficient and effective use of resources.

Achieving our objective

We aim to achieve this by:

  • setting clear strategic directions for health and social care policy;
  • ensuring services comply with national standards;
  • evaluating the effectiveness of services in relation to the 2012 Health Gain Targets;
  • reducing health inequalities;
  • creating an environment which encourages the independence of patients and service users;
  • building effective partnerships across the NHS, public health, local government and voluntary organisations;
  • engaging with patients, service users, staff and the wider general public;
  • developing a new planning system;
  • strengthening accountability to improve performance more rapidly;
  • encouraging the use of an evidence base for developing policy and practice;
  • promoting clinical and professional leadership.