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Health strategies

View strategy documents and background material relating to health policy.

Primary care services for Wales up to March 2018

The plan gives details about the future development of the services we provide.

Declaration of Rights for older people

Following a public consultation, our Declaration clarifies the rights of older people in Wales.

Delivery plan for the critically ill

We want to ensure that those who are critically ill have timely access to high quality care in an appropriate environment.

Together for Health – A respiratory health delivery plan

A three year plan for respiratory health services.

NHS Wales Planning Framework

Guidance to strengthen and develop medium term planning for Local Health Boards and Trusts.

United Kingdom rare diseases strategy

A UK rare diseases strategy has been produced by the Welsh Government, Department of Health in England, Scottish Government and Northern Ireland Executive.

Delivering Local Health Care - Accelerating the pace of change

This is a three year plan to strengthen local health care services for the people of Wales.

Together for Health – a diabetes delivery plan

Our vision for services for the citizens of Wales.

Together for Health: Eye Health Care Delivery Plan for Wales 2013-2018

A five year plan to improve eye health in Wales and support those living with sight loss.

Arthritis and chronic musculoskeletal conditions

Providing guidance to planners and commissioners of health and social care services.

Achieving excellence - The quality delivery plan for the NHS in Wales 2012 - 2016

The plan details how our new quality assurance and improvement arrangements will operate.

A Strategic Vision for Maternity Services in Wales

This sets out Welsh Government expectations of NHS Wales in delivering safe, sustainable and high quality maternity services.

NHS Wales delivery framework 2013-14 and future plans

This document explains the delivery priorities for NHS Wales.

Together for Health: Public information delivery plan

We will be aiming to make substantial improvements in the way you can access health information over the coming months and years.

Together for Health, Cancer Delivery Plan for the NHS to 2016

The Delivery Plan sets out our vision for the population of Wales and what this means for NHS cancer services.

Working differently – working together

This is the first document to be published supporting Together For Health, the 5 year vision for the NHS.
Health, Social Care and Well Being Strategies

Health, Social Care and Well-being Strategies

From April 2003, local authorities and local health boards will be required to implement a health, social care and wellbeing strategy for their local area.

Setting the Direction: Primary & Community Services Strategic Delivery Programme

'Setting the Direction' recognises the commitment to delivering world-class integrated health care in Wales. This requires a change in the approach to developing both policy and service delivery models for primary and community care.

A Strategy for Lymphoedema in Wales

The Strategy for Lymphoedema in Wales will help address the current wide variation in the organisation and delivery of lymphoedema services across Wales.

Rural Health Plan – Improving Integrated Service Delivery Across Wales

The Rural Health Plan has been developed to ensure that the future health needs of rural communities are met in ways which reflect the particular conditions and characteristics of rural Wales.

Designed to Add Value - a third dimension for One Wales

Designed to Add Value - a third dimension identifies the strategic direction for the third sector in supporting health and social care.

Service Development and Commissioning Directives: Chronic Non-Malignant Pain

The purpose of this document is to improve the health, wellbeing and the quality of life for people living with Chronic Non-Malignant Pain (CNMP) in Wales.

A Bowel Cancer Framework for Wales

Bowel cancer is a common disease in Wales with around 2,000 new cases and 1,000 deaths each year.

Service Improvement Plan 2008-2011

This document sets out the actions necessary to ensure the right services are provided in the right place and meeting local needs more effectively.
Delivering Emergency Care Services

Delivering Emergency Care Services

This strategy is aimed at those people who need access to health and social care that is not planned.

Service Development and Commissioning Directives: Chronic Respiratory Conditions

Chronic respiratory conditions, which include asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and respiratory failure, are the most common chronic conditions in the UK.
A Therapy Strategy for Wales

A Therapy Strategy for Wales

The contribution of therapy services to transforming the delivery of Health and Social Care in Wales

Designed for Life

Designed for Life is the Welsh Government’s 10-year vision for creating world-class health and social care in Wales in the 21st century.

'Building Strong Bridges' - Strengthening partnership working between the Voluntary Sector and the NHS in Wales

The voluntary sector is recognised as an important partner in supporting health and well-being in Wales.