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Listening and learning: A guide to handling complaints and representations in local authority social services in Wales

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Guidance for local authority social services in handling grievances against them.

Everyone who makes a complaint about social services in Wales has a right to be listened to properly and have their concerns resolved quickly and effectively. Good local authorities will want to learn from these concerns and use the experience to improve services for everyone who uses them.

This guidance, “Listening and Learning”, provides a new framework for handling and considering complaints about local social services authorities in Wales. It covers complaints about services for children, young people and adults. The aim is to assist authorities to build arrangements that best suit the needs of the local communities they serve.


Paragraphs 7.4 and 9.1 of ‘Listening and Learning’ are concerned with guidance on handling and recording complaint investigations and refer to the National Complaints Officers Group (NCOG) as providing guidance on best practice when investigating complaints.  

NCOG is an English group and since the document was published Wales has established The All Wales Complaints Officers Group. This group is working on similar guidance which we will make public as soon as it is published.