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Social services

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Summary of ongoing work relating to social services.
A guide to what you need to know about finding the right care home.

Care and support is provided by working and supporting local authorities and the independent sector.

Our responsibility lies in legislating policy and to ensure services are regulated and inspected. We  also provide guidance and funding to local authorities who have a  legal responsibility to provide social services.  

Social services are currently undergoing a major transformation. The details can be found within 'Sustainable Social Services: A Framework for Action'.

Sustainable Social Services for Wales  

Sustainable Social Services was published in February 2011. It sets out a new vision based on providing improved support leading to the best possible outcome.  

We  reconfirmed our approach in the Programme for Government:

“Better social services will be delivered by ensuring citizens have a much stronger voice and greater control over the services they receive. We will make the way that services are delivered simpler, and by working collaboratively with others we will focus on improving the well-being of all our citizens. We will lead a shared approach with our partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors to deliver the transformational vision set out in Sustainable Social Services.”