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Regulation and Inspection White Paper

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Sets out our proposals to change the regulation and inspection of care and support in Wales.
The Deputy Minister for Social Services has published her plans to strengthen the regulation and inspection of social care in Wales.

The paper sets out a number of proposals which will contribute to our ambitious reform of care and support in Wales.

Alongside the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill, new regulation and inspection legislation would help realise the policy set out in Sustainable Social Services: A Framework for Action.

Why did we publish this White Paper?

Since the enactment of the Care Standards Act in 2000, regulation of social services in Wales has been highly effective.  Both the Care Council for Wales and the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) have produced a more professional workforce and a clear baseline of standards.

We are ready to take the next step to ensure sustainable social services and better care and support for the people of Wales. This White Paper is the first step in our aim to deliver a new Bill.

What will this White Paper do?

The paper puts forward proposals that would give people a stronger voice and more control over their care. It suggests a shift to measuring the expectations of, and outcomes for the citizen rather than just standards.

A public consultation on the White Paper takes place between 30 September 2013 and 6 January 2014.

The Care Standards Act 2000

The Care Standards Act is the predominant piece of current legislation governing the regulation of social care in Wales.

It provides a set of minimum standards for care providers to ensure people receiving care and support are kept safe and protected.

CSSIW regulates a variety of settings including care homes, domiciliary care agencies and day care providers in both the public and private sectors.  

CSSIW’s role is to assess whether these services are of the quality that the people of Wales have a right to expect. To find out more visit the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales website (external link)