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Better value for money

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The Welsh Government is committed to achieving best value for money in all our public services. The Value Wales Division of the Welsh Government has the role of supporting public sector organisations in making the Welsh pound go further.

Value Wales acts as a catalyst for change, providing leadership, strategic direction, procurement training and best practice guidance to help public sector organisations in Wales achieve real and sustainable improvements.

Buying Smarter

We work in partnership with the Welsh public sector to promote professionalism and improve the value for money obtained from procurement activities; thereby supporting the delivery of public services while benefiting the economic, environmental and social landscape of Wales.

We assist Welsh Government officials, partners and stakeholders to meet their business objectives, ensuring best practice and value for money whilst working on schemes, arrangements and policies for the benefit of the people of Wales. Further guidance on supplying goods and services to the Welsh Government can currently be found under ‘Winning our Welsh Government Business’.

Public service bodies in Wales are estimated to spend about £4 billion each year on buying goods and services from suppliers.  It’s important that every pound that is spent is done so wisely, achieving best value for the people of Wales. That’s why we have introduced such initiatives as the Welsh Purchasing Card, designed to eliminate bureaucracy in purchasing and deliver cost savings.

The card is available to the public sector in Wales on a no-fee basis and encourages staff to obtain goods quickly and easily. Similarly, it improves cash-flow for suppliers by guaranteeing payment within 3-4 working days.

The Welsh Purchasing Card is just one procurement initiative designed to create efficiencies and savings across the public sector. The xchangewales programme delivers electronic sourcing, ordering and payments systems aiming to make savings and create benefits of over £70M over 5 years. You can find out more by visiting the xchangewales website.